Why ChooSE

Our School

  1. Certified Instructors
  2. child-first curriculum
  3. full range of classes
  4. tutoring
  5. high student test scores 
  6. kid camp

G.B.P.M.Shikshalaya is a center of comprehensive knowledge and noble ideals stands unique on the educational firmament of this region.



​​​​​CBSE Affiliation Number : 2132116                                                                 School Code : 70442

          Gramya Bharati P. M. Shikshalaya,

                              Shriganj, Nandganj , Ghazipur, U.P.


      Gramya Bharati P. M. Shikshalaya ,Shriganj ,Nandganj,Ghazipur is situated 20 k.m.west from district head quater at Nandganj-Shadiabad road.This institution is run by Gramya Prathmic Vidyalaya Samiti,Shriganj alias Nandganj.Late Shri Kalu Ram Pradhan of Shriganj was the first President of this smiti.Prominent educationist and Ex.M.L.C. Dr.Babu Lal Balwant is the founder Manger/Secretary of the aforesaid samiti and institution .The main concern of the society is to impart quality and value based educationto all sections of the society.