Attractive and inspiring school campus.

   Trained and well qualified teachers.

   Neat and clean surroundings.

   Well maintained Science Laboratory.

​   Well maintained Computer Laboratory

   ​Well maintained Library and Reading Room


    Separate toilets for boys and girls.

    Frequent educational excursions.

    Regular Medical check-up.

    Play way technique of imparting education.

    Activity and experience based learning.

    Transport facility for students.

    Music and dance education.

    Skill enhancement activities.


    Smart classes






​​​​​CBSE Affiliation Number : 2132116                                                                 School Code : 70442

          Gramya Bharati P. M. Shikshalaya,

                              Shriganj, Nandganj , Ghazipur, U.P.




'"Gyan,Vinaya,Shakti" is the inspirational motto of the school,Each and every student of the school will be full of treasures of knowledge and humble inner power with scientific insight.Both 'Gyan' and 'Shakti' is controlled by 'Vinya' which is the main ultimate aim of education in Indian perspective.Always fluttering white coloured school's flag is the embodiment of school's moto.



The  school  aims at  integral  and  personal development of the young ones.To accomplish this ,special effects are made in the following directions-


  • To help the students to become  mature physically,mentally,socially and spiritually oriented men/women of character.
  • To encourage them to strive for excellence in every field.
  • To value and judiciously use their freedom.
  • To be clear and firm of on human values and principles and courageous in actions.
  • To be selfless in the service of mankind.